2620 NE Fremont St., Portland, OR 97212
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
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Our vision is to share the joy of God’s love that all might live with dignity and purpose

We celebrate God’s blessings through prayer, study, conversation, and meditation. By God’s grace, we grow together.Learn more
We take care of family and friends, and reach out to those in our community who need a friend or a helping hand.Learn more
We feed our souls through fellowship and friendship & gather in parks, pubs, homes & arcades. Something for everyone!

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Fremont UMC is a safe place for all to explore what they believe, nurture their relationship with God, and venture forward in service to others.  Fremont is a United Methodist Church in the Wesleyan tradition.  It is a growing, intergenerational church, hospitable and inclusive to all: young or old, gay or straight, single or married, skeptical or certain, full or empty.  Because we believe Jesus was serious when he said “love your neighbor as yourself,” we faithfully support and encourage one another but we also actively engage with our larger community.
Worship at 10:00 am