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Day 3

Psalms 122

Peace by within you Jerusalem for my relatives and friends and the sake of the house of the Lord.  I think the Psalmist is talking both literal and spiritual peace, and this is a prayer I pray every day…. for peace in our world.

Where do you feel peace is needed? At the southern US border? In Afghanistan and Iraq?  In Israel and Gaza? In Crimea? On our streets and in our Capital buildings?  In our own hearts?

But more than praying for peace how can we act to make peace happen?  Influencing world leaders is not something I could do on my own, but combining my voice with those of millions of others I have seen improvement in peace for many children in the US through our advocacy with PTA and honestly hope for continued improvement especially through our campaign for safe gun storage to reduce youth suicides in Oregon.

Where will your actions lead to a more peaceful world?  We are called to act to prepare for the coming of the Christ child. Are we ready?


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