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Day 5

Matthew 24:36-44

This is an end times prophesy where we are reminded that the people of the world ignored God and Noah until it was too late and reminds us that the end time could come at any time, so be prepared.

The guide book takes the approach that we must anticipate what really matters to God and work at making these things the focus of our actions and attentions.  The suggestion is to focus on those people we love and to pray for them.

I personally am not really comfortable with end times and the apocalypse as an actual event, so I have to work hard to see the point that transforming our world is not easy and we can be destracted by everything that is less important. So when I make my list I am going to focus on those people who help me stay on course and inspire me to participate in making this world heaven on earth.

So how do you view end times and being prepared for the second coming of Christ? How will you create a list of people for whom to pray?

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