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Week 3, Day 7

Praying Patiently

Today we are introduced to the Jesus Prayer.  It goes something like this:  Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner, or simply Jesus have mercy.  The process of the prayer is more important than the words themselves; you are supposed to pray this multiple times during your daily activities in an effort to be praying ceaselessly. Have you ever practiced this form of a sentence prayer? How does it make you feel?

This is a practice from the beginnings of a Christianity and the sentence prayer concept seems similar to practices in meditation as well.  What I like about this practice is you don’t set aside time or yourself; you do it in the midst of your activity.  I find myself doing this when I am in traffic but will attempt to do more often during these remaining days of advent.

Another aspect of this prayer which I like is that we are not praying for intention specifically or for any particular person.  We are praying to connect with God and realize it is only through God’s grace that we will be able help with the transformation of the world; our power is not sufficient and the task too difficult otherwise.

So go forth and pray patiently and often!


  1. Rebecca J Kenney PhD Rebecca J Kenney PhD
    December 23, 2018    

    Scott, thank you for this practice. I have not thought of this type of praying as “sentence prayer” and love it.

    • Scott Overton Scott Overton
      December 24, 2018    

      Rebecca wonderful to have you in the conversation. Do you use sentence prayers I your life?

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