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Linda Quanstrom, Pastor
PastorLQ“To say that pastoral ministry is a challenge is an under statement as any pastor knows. It is daunting and humbling and sometimes downright scary. But for me, it is also a grace and a blessing. It feeds and energizes me. I love its variety, its unpredictability, its demands for creativity and flexibility and I love it for the fact that I can’t do it on my own. It reminds me (almost) everyday that I need God. The doing of it is as spiritually nurturing for me as are its devotional practices. God has worked transformation in me through this work. My hope for ministry is that those to whom I minister can be as God-blessed as I am.

There are other things that enrich my life as well: digging in the dirt, kayaking, sharing good food and conversation with friends, wandering through salvage yards, writing: I dabble in worship liturgy and open-verse poetry, and Beacon Hill saw fit to publish a small book entitled And Some Are Walked Home (a narrative interpretation of some of the parables).

I love laughter, think ambiguity is an okay thing and believe our questions (not our certainties) move us to a truer faith”  –Pastor Q

You can reach Pastor Linda Quanstrom via the office, at 503-284-4647, or by email at lq@fremontumc.org

Tanner Morton,  Director of Children, Youth & Family Ministries

Tanner has grown up in the United Methodist Church and has been active in his home church of Pocatello First UMC and in the Sage District since his own teen years. He has worked as both a volunteer and staff person with the camp and retreat ministries for the past five years; his most recent engagement as a staff person at Camp Macgruder.

Tanner will soon complete his BFA at Idaho State University where he has taken an emphasis in acting (which included experience in improv theater).

Tanner will be able to forward the work of Fremont’s former youth leaders. He values building up a sense of self-esteem in children and youth even as he leads them to value the interdependence of community. He also plans to implement tools for families to experience God together and facilitate their spiritual vitality.

You can reach Tanner Morton via the office, at 503-284-4647, or by email at youth@fremontumc.org

Lynn Rognsvoog, Music Director

Janet Orjala, Accompanist & Music Assistant

Meg Hall, Administrative Assistant
We’d like to introduce Fremont’s new administrative assistant, Meg Hall.
Meg is a graduate of The University of the South, Sewanee and holds a BA
in English. She was on the Dean’s list every semester and was a member of
the Order of Gownsmen, the University’s honor society.
Meg has been an intern for Episcopal Relief and Development in New York City, an Assistant Director for AmeriCorps Bonner Program and a Supervising Agent for American Income Life. While at Sewanee, she was a resident and executive board member at the Women’s Center.
She values working for organizations that serve the wellbeing of individuals and seeks to add value to the work they do.

Alan Silver, Administrative Assistant
alanAlan likes walking in the sun and in the rain; community organizing around justice issues, especially Palestine, housing affordability, and intercultural experience; teaching dance, and making radio.

Patricia Bailey, Custodian