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Fremont United Methodist Church  seeks to address the issues and needs of our community, city, country and world through education, service and advocacy. There are many avenues to get involved and make a difference. We are always seeking new projects while supporting some long time efforts.

Fremont United Methodist’s youth ministries ran two mission trips this past summer.

L.A.S.T. – June 26th-29th, Portland, OR
Our middle school and junior high youth joined L.A.S.T. for a three night service project in Portland, OR. During this time, we did things such as: worked on wood projects at Friends of the Carpenter, repacked thousands of pounds of corn at the Oregon Food Bank, and pulled weeds at the Washington Food Bank farm. We also spent a lot of time in fellowship playing games, staying up (way too) late, singing songs, and learning about our faith.

S.S.P. – July 10th-16th, Spokane, WA
Our senior high youth teamed up with Rose City Park UMC to worked with Sierra Service Projects in the Spokane Native American trip. We undertook work projects on local homes and community centers during this week long trip. Outside of work projects, we  shared in worship and explored the culture of the Native American community that welcomed us into their community.

For more information about youth ministries or these trips please contact Tanner Morton, Director of Children and Youth Ministries: email.

Our second group of volunteers went to Nicaragua with El Porvenir in October of 2016.   The mission of El Porvenir is to improve the standard of living of rural Nicaraguans through water, sanitation, health education, and watershed management projects. Our group will be building high efficiency cooking stoves. The deforestation of Nicaragua for cooking fuel is contributing to global warming which is something we care about. For more information, contact Joanne email.

A trip to the Holy Land
is being planned for October, 2018 and folks interested in the terrain of both the Jewish faith as well as that of the Christian faith are invited to participate. This trip will not only include important biblical sights, but will explore the origins of the Hebrew people and provide information about the dynamics and issues at play in contemporary Israel and Palestinian. It is designed to give us a much deeper understanding of and appreciation for this land that gave rise to two of the three great monotheistic faiths: the People of the Book. We also hope to include a tree-planting mission component in the Palestinian Territory. Don’t let finances get in the way! We plan to do considerable fundraising and will have scholarship money available as well. Please contact Pastor Q email or Eileen email if you are interested .

For some of us at Fremont, this trip to the Holy Land is a dream come true. For others, it is just a dream because the cost of such a trip is prohibitive.  It is our hope to raise enough money by this summer, so that we can help anyone who wants to go, to afford the trip.

We are exploring sponsorship of a refuge family. This is a long term, major project, that is in the early planning stages. Contact Claudia (email) for more information.

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