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Answering the Call

My parents, Nathan and I had the great joy of worshiping at Bethesda UMC in Asheville, NC while on our recent trip to visit family. Bethesda UMC and their community Pastor Karen faced a similar situation to what many churches in Portland are experiencing. Demographics were changing rapidly. The congregation had dwindled to less than [...]

Spitting into the Wind – Diane ...

Spitting into the Wind – Diane Rheos
At The Wayside we have each chosen one spiritual practice to follow for the next few weeks. I decided to use a personal Lectio Devina practice using Ecclesiastes. Years ago I found Ecclesiastes to be very comforting. I think it’s because I am a systems person and to me this passage claims that everything is [...]

Like water flowing too fast – D...

Like water flowing too fast – Diane Rheos
Have you ever felt somewhat confused when something that you barely started just took off on its own? Like a miracle, like God was-at work and in charge? That seems to be what is happening with The WaySide. I have been interested in intentional community for many years. I intended to move into one when [...]

Inaugural Post

Inaugural Post
Welcome to The WaySide Report inaugural blog entry! This blog will be a tool for the intentional community we have named “The WaySide” to communicate our process, thoughts, and activities as we develop our fellowship. Authorship of posts will rotate between members, each offering a unique perspective on the journey. If you have questions or [...]

The Wayside Report

The Wayside Report
The intentional community is planning to move into the parsonage in October.  This blog a way for us to communicate with the congregation about our process and activities. [...]