We are now in the last day of advent. Our preparation is coming to and end for we will be recognizing the birth of the Christ child tonight.

How has anticipation, hope, patience and obedience helped you to prepare this year? Have you found any new insights or practices that you will incorporate into your routine?

Personally, I have found the discipline of setting time aside every morning for reflection to be helpful in centering myself for the day ahead especially reminding myself that my actions can contribute to God’s work of the transforming the world.  We can all do better in remembering that Jesus lives in every person and our actions, though insignificant in world affairs do impact others so we can anticipate by acting as God would want us to do with the hope that our actions do make a difference while remembering to be patient in seeing results and obeying God  when we hear her voice and call to action!

Merry Christmas and thank you for attention and participation.