A new week so we have a new word to ponder…patience.

When have you had to be patient lately?  Do you do this easily or does it require much effort from you?  In contemplating recent patience requirements I have a hard time recalling major events or needs requiring me to apply patience, but more small irritant type of impatience, like waiting in traffic when you know there is nothing that you can do to make traffic flow better, or waiting in line often waiting for a less prepared shopper or new checker.  I think this is attributable to the fact that a week passing doesn’t seem long at all anymore, so waiting for an event or something to be delivered does not seem to cause me distress.

This leads to the definition of patience.  The capacity or habit of bearing pains or trials calmly and without complaint.  This Comes from Latin patiens, the past participle of to suffer. So to show patience seems to imply that you are having pains or trials by the delay of something occurring.  So it is more then just remaining calm, but fore bearing something.  That makes me pause and wonder what the week will bring as we prepare to make the world ready for Christ’s coming.