Praying in hope

Today we are introduced to a prayer practice called the daily examen.  This is done at bedtime and allows us to review the day with God by recognizing how we pleased God with our thoughts and actions and how we disappointed God with thoughts and actions.  After reconciling ourselves with this reality we turn them over to God’s care and release them for a fresh start to a new day pleasing God.

Do you tend to pray at bedtime?  I find that the prayer at bedtime helps me to sleep better and usually does include thanks and concerns from the day but I do like this more disciplined prayer approach and will be trying it out.

I have to admit that a bedtime prayer for me can be a bit of a logistical nightmare because I usually fall asleep before actually going to bed during the evening news waiting for the Colbert monologue.  So it usually waits until I go to my bed from my chair and isn’t really my first sleep of the night!  Do you have challenges with regular prayer because of timeor circumstances? What do you do to work through those challenges?