Isaiah 35:1-10

Joy of the Redeemed is the title of this passage in the Bible.  It seems to be one of many beautiful descriptions of a world which is “redeemed” and right with God.  Every need will be met and every person safe and secure.  This text does not specifically speak of when this will happen, just that your God will come with vengeance and with divine retribution.  This is supposed to be reassuring but that assumes that the reader is “redeemed”.  What does that mean to you?  I am not sure in the traditional consideration of standing in judgement that my actions and life would pass as one served only for the Lord – that the world has not played a big part of my life and choices.  So does that mean that I am redeemed because I profess to be trying?  I know it is only through grace that we are worthy of God’s love and consideration but redeemed is one of those concepts with which I personally struggle in understanding.

The book asks us to look patiently at the passage and note which one stands out to you.  I have to say that it is all lovely with nice images and ideas but the verse with the biggest message for me is “strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way.”  This ties in that for me to be patient I believe I need to have hope for the future that is coming.  If my fear rules, then my patience seems to go away.  I believe that this is a problem in our current political climate – we have much fear and little patience with each other nor with the system that is made to be slow and deliberate.  So a prayer for patience seems especially appropriate for me and for the world.

What part of this scripture speaks to you?