James 5:7-10

Be patient until the coming of the Lord.  James is an apostle or at least the writer is representing himself as James but they could be another person working with James and others to help early Christian communities.  It is natural for people to have areas of disagreement or friction that can lead to less than loving actions in a group or community and James is asking everyone to be patient with each other as well as in general for the coming of Christ.

Our book asks us to reflect on our own church community.  Do you feel areas of friction and unkind actions or words happening there?  It is unlikely that every person is happy with every decision or pleased with every worship service or happy with the communities responses, so yes I am sure there must be some friction at Fremont.  I personally feel that if something did come up for me that was about the communal life of Fremont that I could prayerfully raise those concerns and it would be considered and dealt with honorably.  I hope others also feel this way.  It is always my intention to see Christ in every person and to be patient in my responses but this is an area of personal faith that I work on continually; To not be judgmental or impatient with people when I feel they are off base or just poorly informed.  I will continue to pray and work on this at my church community as well as in every part of my life.  How do you deal with interpersonal friction? Are you practicing patience?