The Waiting World

Our book asks us to consider people or groups who are patiently waiting for help from God’s people.  Does any particular group come to mind to you?  It seems a bit out of touch to have to go to the news to find such a person or group because I think you would be hard pressed to just live in the world and not recognize more than one individual and so many groups of people in dire situations.

The idea of patiently waiting for help from God’s people screams at me from my recent holyland trip as well as the homeless I see daily, the children I see without proper education or food, the lonely elderly patient as well as pictures of Yemeni children in starvation.  The groups that are most in need of help from God’s people that come directly to mind are represented well by the Arab Christian family outside of Bethlehem called the tent of nations.  They are deeded owners of land that the Israeli military wants for settlement but they have fought to keep their land for over 20 years.  It seems ironic that people sharing the same God cannot see how to work through issues relying on the true understanding of God’s justice and mercy and they are just one family of many.  I also think of the students who are blind children in west Jerusalem at the Peace Center for the Blind who cannot get an education in their normal schools but have difficulty traveling to the school due to restrictions on Arabs traveling through Jerusalem.

Do you have any personal stories with people patiently waiting? I know Claudia you have had direct work with refugees in our own state.  The action component is the challenge here, as it is natural to think what can I do to help?  It is such a large issue.  I have donated money to both of the groups mentioned above and I am trying to tell their stories here as well as working through our legislative system to improve educational outcomes for all Oregonians including better meeting their basic needs so that all children can succeed.  What have you been doing?  Is there something new you would like to do this advent season? At Fremont we have a group that gives out gloves and hats to homeless people at Christmas time with a direct visit of hope and peace. Again, how can I make a differenc