Another week and a new word.  But before I move forward with this I find that my timing and that of the book will not line up.  We are supposed to be through the week already and moving to Christmas Eve tomorrow.  So we will consider the word Obedience then move to Christmas Eve, okay?

So what does the word obedience mean to you? When have you last encountered obedience in your life, job, family?  Looking at the definition I find that the word obedience comes from Latin ob- before and audire – to hear.  It as found to be first used in the meaning of the act of doing as you are told to act.

I must admit that I have issues with obedience in the “blind obedience” model.  I do believe we are given reasoning by a God to be applied and to act just because you are told to do so seems to be less than true to yourself. But there are times, especially emergencies where discussion is not really the safest approach.

However to be open to listening for God’s intention for my life does not seem like blind obedience to me since the direction is intended to move me toward actions that will transform the world as God has promised.  I will pray to be open to listen for the voice of God and not be afraid to act upon that word.  What about you? Are you open to listen? Have you already heard God’s voice and direction?