At Fremont United Methodist, we believe that Jesus embodied the lavish and unconditional love of God, and that he demonstrated the power of that love to transform brokenness into wholeness. Fremont UMC is a growing, inter generational church, hospitable and inclusive. However you identify yourself, you can expect the delight of a warm welcome and fellowship. We seek to follow the words of Jesus when he said “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and so we faithfully support one another in our lives as Christians, and we actively engage in service to the larger community and the world. Fremont UMC is a place for all to explore what they believe, to nurture their relationship with God, and to venture forward in service to others.

Fremont UMC affirms without equivocation that all human beings, having been created in God’s image and having received the breath and grace of God, are God’s children. Sexual orientation or gender identity have no bearing on one’s status as a beloved child of God. Our LGBTQI+ siblings are welcomed, affirmed, and fully embraced in this faith community. We are a church that embodies love and relentless, unapologetic, pursuit of equity and social justice.