Building Partners

You don’t have to sit in the pew on Sunday to join the Tai Chi class on Thursday!

Our building partners share our mission to build connection and community, create opportunities for healing, provide safe and expressive spaces, and educate for systems change. We support our building partners by promoting their efforts and co-create community events with them.

Take a look at all of the activities in our building and see where you might like to come participate! Fees and registration may be required.

Music Together

Classes offered Monday to Saturday

“Come see what hundreds of families in Portland are raving about: Music Together®‘s premiere early childhood music program for children ages birth to 8 years, and the adults who love them. Sing, dance, laugh, and play together. View the current schedule and sign up. Your musical community awaits!

Dances of Universal Peace

Fridays: 7-9:30pm weekly

The Dances of Universal Peace are simple, meditative, joyous, multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases, chants, music and movements from the many spiritual traditions of the earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and recognize it in others. View the website here.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Saturdays: 5-7pm weekly

Worried about your drinking? If you want to quit, we can help. Call our Portland AA 24-Hour Hotline: 503-223-8569

Taoist Tai Chi Society

Monday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Both introductory and continuing classes are offered at Fremont. A Tai Chi practice offers health benefits as well as the reward of participating in a friendly and supportive community. All our activities are rooted in Taoist spiritual practice, regardless of how people choose to participate. View the website here.

Everybody Dance Project

Wednesdays: Classes from 4:15 to 6:15pm

Everybody Dance Project is focused on bringing quality dance training to young, beginning dancers through fun, engaging classes that promote socialization, coordination, and fundamental dance knowledge. We keep it easy for parents and fun for kids! Ballet/Tumbling or Hip Hop/Tumbling classes available. See the class schedule here.

Daydream Music Lessons

Appointments available

Music is the soundtrack to our lives, underscoring moments of joy and love, sadness and longing. Music connects us to the rhythms and frequencies of nature. The deeper we listen to music, the more we begin to hear it all around us – in birdsongs and crashing waves. Brian teaches Piano, Guitar, Voice, and Ukulele. More information on the website here.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Monthly on the 2nd Saturday at 9am

Interested in solving climate change? You are welcome in Citizens’ Climate. We’re regular people from Oregon who are working together to get climate laws passed. We believe that the only way to tackle climate change is together. We connect over shared concerns, build consensus, and work with elected officials from every party towards climate solutions. Website here.

Spencer: Tai Chi & Qigong

Wednesday / Friday

Teacher Allyson Spencer teaches Intermediate Tai Chi Wednesday mornings and Qigong Friday mornings. Please contact Allyson before attending or for more information. Email Allyson at allysonhyunbin at

Alameda Neighborhood Association

Monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 7pm

The Alameda Neighborhood Association is run by neighbors for neighbors. We advocate for smart policies, take action on neighbors’ concerns, facilitate communication about neighborhood issues, and host events to help our residents feel more connected. Our goal is to bring neighbors together to create a livable, thriving community. [email protected]

Juniper Preschool

School Year

Juniper Preschool has been a building partner at Fremont UMC for over 20 years. Teacher Mary offers a Waldorf inspired time of play, exploration and connection for a group of 12 children.

Enrollment is limited and sign up available only each spring for the following year. Contact Church office.

Adventures in Spanish

Afterschool and Weekend Sessions

Introducing children and parents to the rich world of Spanish language and culture. Through our dynamic and interactive programs, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that not only focuses on language but also creating a deep appreciation for the Spanish language and culture. Using the power of songs, play, and a wide range of captivating activities, we ensure that your child’s early development and education are enriched, setting them confidently on a path toward bilingualism and cultural awareness. Find the list of classes available here.