Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams are lead by those who feel called. They may be ongoing, once-in-a-while, or annual. They serve others, build community, or make the world a better place.

Burrito Brigade

Taking food to those experiencing houselessness so that we might relieve hunger and offer love and support. We gather in the morning to as a burrito making team, then go out to deliver burritos and connect with our houseless neighbors. Community members welcome to join us!


HUGS stands for Hats, Gloves and Scarfs/Socks. Annually at Christmas time the whole congregation collects warm items for our houseless neighbors. Then during the Christmas season a team goes out to the streets to pass out our hugs to those who need it.

Green Team

The Fremont Green Team shares educational information with the congregation. They collaborate with other neighborhood climate action teams to help make our planet healthier for all beings.