Northeast Collaborative Youth Group

Middle and High School youth from Fremont meet once a month with youth from three nearby churches in a cross-denominal gathering. Fremont participates with Rose City and Westminster Presbyterian, and with Central Lutheran for fellowship, fun, and food. This is a good way to meet friends you may already know through school or other activities, and to make new ones.

The gathering is generally the last Sunday of each month at 5pm. The churches take turns hosting. Please contact Pastor Erin for details.

Date Location
November 20, 2022 Augustana Lutheran
December 18, 2022 Central Lutheran
January 29, 2023 Rose City Park Presbyterian
February 26, 2023 Westminister Presbyterian
March 26, 2023 Fremont United Methodist
April 30, 2023 Augustana Lutheran
May 21, 2023 Central Lutheran

Youth and Family Gatherings

Fremont youth and their parents will gather once a month for dinner, discussion, and a time to set goals and get to know one another better. The next gathering is Sunday January 9th, from 5 to 6:30pm, at the church.

Summer Programs

The youth go to Camp Magruder every summer.

In the past the youth have participated in Sierra Service Project (SSP) and we hope to go back soon.

If you would like to know more about the programs click the buttons below.

“Camp is a time about learning who you are and how you can link with God while being yourself with friends” – CJ