What every Sunday looks like for a Youth

Currently we are meeting via zoom at 4pm

10am – Youth stay and participate in a Sunday service

4pm-5pm – Middlers have program time in youth room

5pm-6pm – Youth join together in the fellowship hall to share a meal together

6pm-7pm – High schoolers have program time in youth room

Youth Collective

Our youth participate in the NE Portland youth collective.
We currently meet twice a month via Zoom, with different youth groups that come from other NE Portland churches.
We come together for fun and fellowship.

The picture to the right is our youth group working at Northeast Food bank Program.

Summer Programs

The youth go to Camp Magruder every summer.

In the past the youth have participated in Sierra Service Project (SSP) and we hope to go back soon.

If you would like to know more about the programs click the buttons below.

“Camp is a time about learning who you are and how you can link with God while being yourself with friends” – CJ