Dear Fremont Family:

Today marks an historic day in the United Methodist Church! This morning we woke to the incredible news that the General Conference had voted by 93% to remove the harmful anti-LGBTQIA+ language from the Book of Discipline. The wording in the Discipline that has long been a source of deep pain and division states, “The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” Now that terrible statement will be removed along with wording that prohibits clergy from performing same-sex marriages and prohibits the ordination of queer and trans pastors. In other words, it’s a new day in the life of our church!

I spent the morning in tears of joy as I hoped and prayed that this day would come. The photos, videos and testimonies coming from the floor of General Conference have been powerfully moving.

Of course, at Fremont, we have been committed to full inclusion for years now. We have defiantly embraced our LGBTQIA+ siblings regardless of the bigoted language of the Book of Discipline. Only now, our practice aligns with the movement of the Holy Spirit across the broader United Methodist Church. Praise God!

Today, I rejoice that the day is finally here when all of God’s children in their full giftedness will be received without condemnation or exclusion within the United Methodist Connection. Let us rejoice together!

Grace and peace,