Dear Fremont Family:

For the first time in five years, we will gather again for an Easter Vigil at Fremont on Saturday, March 30th at 7pm. The Easter Vigil specifically marks the time that Jesus is in the tomb on the evening before the Resurrection. Traditionally, the Vigil begins outside at sunset around an open fire. Together we will light the Easter candle from the fire (along with handheld candles for everyone) and process into the sanctuary.

The Vigil is a worship service in 4 parts. There is the Service of the Light, the Service of the Word (selected readings that recount salvation history from creation to resurrection), the Service of the Water (the Vigil is characteristically the time that catechumens would pass through the waters of baptism, but we will do our baptisms on Easter Sunday), and the Service of the Table (holy communion). The Vigil is intended to be highly participatory and involve all of our senses.

Before the pandemic, Fremont held two Easter Vigils, but the practice was just taking root. Since the pandemic, we have moved slowly to reintroduce the Vigil, and hopefully, you will want to re-experience this beautiful and engaging worship. The evening will be informal and wonderfully communal. I hope you will come!

In the meantime, the Footwashing service is tomorrow, March 28 at 7pm. The Pan-Methodist “Seven Last Words on the Cross” service is on Friday, March 29 at 7pm (sign up for the carpool here:, and Easter morning, we will have a festive Easter breakfast at 9am, Kid’s Easter Egg Hunt at 9:30am, and worship at 10am. We have the pleasure of confirming 6 of our high school youth, performing 2 baptisms, and welcoming a total of 9 people into membership. It will be a glorious day of new life!

I look forward to these Holy Days with you. May God lead us deeply and richly into the mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Grace and peace,