Advent 2 Action

Dear Fremont Family:
I love the season of Advent. There is such a beautiful, prophetic urgency to get ready for God’s coming in the birth of Jesus. This year is no different. Last Sunday, we began the Advent season of preparation with Jesus assuring us that “there will be signs,” and when we see the signs of God’s coming kingdom (even perilous signs like climate crisis), we are to stand up for our redemption (the movement for the flourishing of all creation) is near. Now is the time to act.
For the next two Sundays, we will meet John the Baptist. This lone, wild prophet will lead us out to the wilderness and call us to repentance. With John, we cannot rest on our laurels as good, religious people. John will remind us that God can use rocks as “good, religious people.” No, we must bear fruit, meaning our lives must match our convictions. We must live what we believe. As a result, we are prioritizing action for this Advent season.
Last Sunday, we met our neighbor, Jerry Porter and heard about his important work with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. This coming Sunday, December 5, we will learn more about a movement for common sense gun reform located out of nearby Augustana Lutheran church (NE 15th & Brazee).  Liz Mckanna, who is the head of the legislative committeefor the 2022 ballot measures, will join us in worship to tell us a little bit more about the vision for “Lift Every Voice Oregon.” You can also learn more about the movement here:
When John bursts onto the scene in Luke’s Gospel, he comes as the representative of the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy, “The voice of one crying out in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord.” John gives voice to Isaiah’s prophetic imagination that one day, the Chosen One will come and with him God’s peaceable kingdom. The only question is will we be ready?
I pray so. See you Sunday.
Grace and peace,
Pastor Erin