Fremont Family:
Yesterday felt historic. When the news came that the jury in the Derek Chauvin trial had reached a verdict, I held my breath. It seemed to me that time stood still. That life hung in the balance. Maybe I am being a bit dramatic? I don’t think so. When the judge read the jury’s findings, Chauvin found guilty on all three counts, I was overcome with emotion. I found myself sobbing with deep relief. I know I was not the only one.
Soon following the verdict, larger questions began to emerge: Will this mark a turning point in our history? Will this mean, at long last, more justice for Black communities? Most accounts I have read suggest that this event is both significant AND not nearly enough. It is overdue and premature in guaranteeing any real change. It is huge and only the beginning. Still, I feel a sense of joy and release. There are so few victories for Black America.
How about you? What is going through your heart and mind today? In this season of Easter, we declare a Risen Jesus. One who comes to us and extends forgiveness and peace. Jesus, executed by the State, abandoned by his friends, betrayed by the religious community, is alive and well, and indeed, his resurrection marks a turning point in history. Death is defeated. Period. I pray in this Easter season that we will cling to this hope, that we proclaim this new life, and we will never, never stop working for justice.
Grace and peace to you,
Pastor Erin